Friday, 15 December 2017

[Mystery, Babylon the Great: Uniting 'Abrahamic' religions with a view to overcoming 'islamophobia' triggered by terror-casting by or for the fake god of islam and its deluded followers] Action plan to address 'islamophobia' proposed

Action plan to address Islamophobia proposed

14 December, 2017
... The statement also noted that fear of Islam serves two types of extremists, one that distorts religious concepts, to fight the world and undermine coexistence among people; and another one that resorts to the same distorted concepts to accuse Islam and Muslims of violence, and of being incompatible with the values of the times. To claim that Islam is linked to terrorism will lead to unending wars. ...
More on the move to 'unite' 'Abrahamic' and other religions (ultimately playing into the hands of the Beast 666 and false Prophet of Revelation) and the claim that linking evil, terror-casting islam to terror will lead to unending wars (but only those leading up to and including Armageddon - if islam is still around) at Zawya

Fourth Annual Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies Concludes With Call for Action Plan to Address Islamophobia

Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies

Fourth Annual Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies Concludes with Call for Action Plan to Address Islamophobia

Bin Bayyah: we seek internal change, dialogue with others and interfaith alliance

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday, December 13th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Bin Bayyah commends participants’ efforts to promote peace and tolerance
... The forum concluded with the following recommendations:
  1. Establishing an international monitoring center to study fear of Islam, which will serve as a platform to study its causes and manifestations, and propose preventive methods to address it and raise awareness about its dangers;
  2. Organizing international forums to promote communication and dialogue between religions and cultures; to evaluate achievements, share experiences and unify efforts;
  3. Launching academic programs and scholarships to encourage rapprochement and exchange experiences between Islamic studies departments across universities in the Islamic world and universities that teach religious studies in the West;
  4. Encouraging scientific research in Islamic, humanitarian and social studies that tackle the topics of coexistence and rapprochement; and allocating an annual prize that recognize the best studies in this field.
Participants congratulated the Forum for Promoting Peace on hosting the American Peace Caravan - based on the Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Muslim Societies - as evidence on the need for a positive partnership to achieve happy coexistence. They expressed their hope to see the Peace Caravan develop into a global peaceful movement, similar to the pre-Islamic alliance ‘Hilf al-Fudul’, to embody the common values ​​of peace, love and harmony between Abrahamic faiths and then include all religions and cultures for the sake of humanity and mankind. ...