Friday, 22 December 2017

[Moderate muslim Malaisia / Jerusalem / Burdensome Stone] Najib urges followers of the fake god and false prophet of islam to join ‘Save Jerusalem’ solidarity rally tomorrow - in opposition to the God of Israel and His will and purpose for Jerusalem

Najib urges Muslims to join ‘Save Jerusalem’ solidarity rally tomorrow
... “Insya Allah, I will join the ‘Save Jerusalem’ solidarity rally at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya after Friday prayers tomorrow. Come together and show the support and unity of Muslims against the efforts to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel,” he said in a posting on his Twitter@NajibRazak today. ...
More on the unbanned tweeter opposing God's will and purpose for Israel at The Malay Mail Online

# Tweeting stuff that may lead to islamic violence and death is OK, apparently - tweeting and retweeting stuff showing islamic violence and death not so much

A Burdensome Stone - The Obsession - World Leaders React to Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

# Rapture Watchers