Tuesday, 19 December 2017

[Jerusalem / Cup of Trembling / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Jihad to continue, in spite of a conspiracky to give it a bad name - and to pretend it means getting the kids off to school on time] Siraj urges the fake god's 'ummah' to introduce islamic force, currency (and to impose the fake god's religion on the Kuffar)

Siraj urges Muslim Ummah to introduce Islamic force, currency
... He stressed the need of unity among the Muslim Umma. The JI leader was of the view that Jihad is the only way for the survival of the Umma. He vowed that Jihad will remain continue despite all the attempts of some international powers to bring a bad name to Jihad.
We believe that the struggle of Palestinian Mujahedeen against Israel is Jihad and we support this Jehad. ...
More tripe in support of the fake god and its doomed religion at Pakistan Observer

# Memeries - a fake news tale about jihad - and 'islamophobia':

Jihad is personal for me, and no, it's not terrorism
... If you want to understand the true meaning of jihad, you only have to look to the daily struggles of every human being. But the word, which in Arabic simply translates to "struggle," has been hijacked by Islamic extremists and Islamophobes — two sides of the same coin — to mean violence and holy war. ...