Tuesday, 19 December 2017

[Great Falling Away / Mystery of Iniquity / Antichrist / Dawa: Christmas and Easter are opportunities to promote the fake god's blasphemous religion - 'dispel misconceptions' and so on] Pope and Queen among thousands sent season's greetings cards promoting islam and its false prophet by London imam

Pope and Queen among thousands sent Islamic Christmas cards by London imam

Monday 18 December 2017
By Ajay Nair, News Reporter
... "Every year, British Muslims are missing two golden opportunities (Christmas and Easter) to propagate the message of Islam, a message of peace, tolerance and justice," he said. "To show how do they integrate into the British society without losing their religion or watering it down." ...
More on the golden opportunities to propagate the message of islam - other than by means of bombs, trucks, guns, knives - at Sky 'News'

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