Friday, 22 December 2017

[Canada / Hedjab-tugging Tales: A diversion from a year of successful islamic terror-castings to tugged hedjabs and other manifestations of the Runnymede Trust's phoby phobia that feature so prominently in fake news yarns] Year In Review 2017: Islamophonia rising (as it does every year)

Year In Review 2017: Islamophobia rising

by Matthew Behrens
December 21, 2017
... NCCM’s continually updated online map of hate crimes across Canada sets out a chilling litany of racist graffiti, women having their hijabs ripped off, death threats, the firebombing of a mosque and a bullet fired into an Islamic centre where children were studying. ...
More on the 'chilling litany' of 'racist' graffiti, tugged hedjabs - and worse - at Now Toronto

# Bollards - protective measures against tugged hedjabs, or against islamic terror attacks?

Toronto to get Diversity Bollards!

Vehicle barriers to be installed at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

Bollards of the Mind

by Mark Steyn
Steyn on the World
July 3, 2017
... or install bollards up and down the land until every bollard is itself ring-fenced with bollards, which appears to be the plan Malcolm Turnbull is implementing in Australia, bollards upon bollards upon bollards...
# There are limitations on how successful bollards can be in preventing islamophobic hedjab-tuggings - and in preventing islamic terror attacks which are not terror-related and have nothing to do with islam