Saturday, 23 December 2017

[Canada / Groundhog Day: Another tale about the rising tide of fear of the fake god's phony religion - inspired by the Runnymede Trust] 'Rising tide of Islamophobia and racism': Wynne (Rising tide of 'isolated incidents' and nothing to do with islam when carried out by muslims - carry on as normal and pretend all is well as politicians tend to do)

'Rising tide of Islamophobia and racism': Wynne

Antonella Artuso
December 22, 2017
... “Violence is the worst consequence of the rising tide of Islamophobia and racism in Canada and around the world,” Wynne said to applause. “But what happened in Quebec was not an isolated incident. Police statistics tell us that anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.” ...
More on the 'rising tide' of the Runnymede Trust's phony phobia - as the fake god's followers continue to cast terror by means of attacks that are routinely dismissed as 'isolated incidents' at Toronto Sun

# 'Rising tide of isolated incidents' - when carried out by muslims - nothing to see - no reason to don a hedjab (or take it off):

Melbourne Car Attack ‘An Isolated Incident’, Says Australian PM

By James Burke
December 21, 2017
... Turnbull said Noori had no known links to any political issues or extremist groups.

“I want to reassure all Australians that this is an isolated incident,” Turnbull said. ...
Prosecutors say suspect taunted Pres. Trump before subway bombing

December 17, 2017
... But Islam said Ullah's was an isolated incident and Bangladesh would act decisively against any such activity, wherever it occurred. "So you're going to make a statement in NY that's going to reverberate around the world" ...
# Moske attack not an 'isolated incident':

A Mosque Attack in Warsaw Was the Latest Sign of Growing Islamophobia in Poland

The Editors Monday, Dec. 4, 2017
... Far from being an isolated incident, the attack came amid growing anti-Muslim sentiment in Poland ...
# Unlike muslim stabbings, shootings, drivings and bombings - which are 'isolated incidents - hedjab-tuggings are not:

Muslim Women, Taking off Hijabs is Assault & Hate Crime

November 12, 2017 by NbAMuslims
... The removal of a student’s headscarf by a teacher is not an isolated incident. In May, the New York City Department of Education fired substitute teacher Oghenetega Edah for threatening to and then tearing off student Safa Alzockary’ hijab. ...
# Still just an 'isolated incident':

Islamic State group claims London subway bombing; UK raises threat level to 'critical'

Friday, September 15, 2017
... A British government official said the incident is being treated as a terror attack but at this early stage appears to be an isolated incident. ...