Wednesday, 29 November 2017

[USA / SCAIRmongering / Driving while muslim / Islamophonia: The USA is intoxicated with the Runnymede Trust's phony phobia and Trumpism - fake news cannot get enough of this tripe] Being a follower of the fake god of islam is... (being part of a fake news yarn about intoxication with a phony phobia)

Being Muslim is...

Maheen Haq
For the past year, I’ve been living in Baltimore, where I managed to forget what it felt like to be different. But moving back to Hagerstown this summer reminded me of the intense Islamophobia that has intoxicated the United States.

For those of you who don’t know what it’s like to be a Muslim in rural America, let me brief you:

Being Muslim is driving in your car and being flipped off just for existing. ...
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# Memeries - being 'flipped off' a bridge by a muslim:

Footage shows woman jumping off Westminster Bridge during attack


Trumpism Infects California’s Schools

By Michelle Chen
When a truck careened down a sunny Manhattan bike path and mowed down eight people on Halloween, the horror left the whole city reeling. But some communities had to brace for a second wave of fear to follow the initial trauma: the collective suspicion that Muslim Americans have come to expect in the wake of Islamist-inspired terror attacks, as racial hatreds and public panic reignite over “homegrown terrorism.” ...
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