Friday, 24 November 2017

[Terror Australis / Burden of Damascus / Islamokillia] ISIS recruiters target ‘white’ Aussies to cast terror on behalf of the fake god and its evil, Kuffarcidal religion (More 'islamophobia' triggers and tales of tugged hedjabs to follow any successful act of jihad?)

ISIS recruiters target ‘white’ Aussies

Cindy Wockner, News Corp Australia Network
... “They absolutely flood it. You will get 400 threats against Australia every day. They are doing that in the hope that some lone person will take it up and do it,” she said.

“They give restaurant numbers, phone numbers and say ‘this would be a good place to hit’. That doesn’t mean there is specific attack planned.” ...
More on the fake god's followers and their 'hit lists' at Herald Sun