Monday, 27 November 2017

[Ezekiel 38 / Alliances against Persia / Every man's sword against his brother / End of islam - or much of it] The Arabization of the fake god's evil religion, shifting the war to the heart of the Dar al Islam, Mecca and Medina’s status

The Arabization of Islam, shifting the war to the heart of Islam, Mecca and Medina’s status

Ibrahim Karagül
27 November 2017
... New geopolitical axis: Establishing alliance with Israel, fighting the Persians

To be frank, if this wind continues, the political theories of most in Turkey may even collapse, their minds may be confused, and terms may no longer have any meaning. The Muslim worlds’ streets may fall into an abyss; if the new situation rises through Arab nationalism, a counterwave may form in the region. ...
More on the response to the emerging Ezekiel 38 alliance (Russia, Turkey, Iran ...) at Yeni Safak

Israel Update - Ezekiel 38 War Shaping up (Rapture soon)

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