Monday, 27 November 2017

[Canada: More fake news about muslim victim-hood - people use propaganda to link islamic violence to islam - or something similar that passes for news these days] Fighting domestic violence in Calgary's fake god muslim community and beyond

Fighting domestic violence in Calgary's Muslim community and beyond

CBC November 27, 2017
... "There is a lot of fear within the Muslim community, which is acting as a barrier from them to come out and meet with other people as well. But ... we are taking our own baby steps and just to support them to come up and speak up," she said.

Shoaib said one of the challenges is the amount of propaganda that ties violence to Islam.

"If you really want to help women who are suffering violence, please do not link this with their religion, because religion is important to them," she said. ...
More of the usual tripe moskerading as news at Yahoo!

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