Thursday, 30 November 2017

[Canada / Hedjab-Tugging Tales] Twitter Calls Emergency Hedjab Kits In Canadian University 'Sensational Trash'

Twitter Calls 'Emergency Hijab Kits' In Canadian University 'Sensational Trash'

By Pritha Paul
... Echoing Abawajy’s thoughts, Dalhousie student executive Masuma Khan said, "Islamophobia is on the rise at the university. I’ve heard many Muslim women talking about their hijab being yanked, spat on, or even pulled right off. Sometimes you don’t even notice it, like you’re in class and someone will spit on you from behind and you don’t realize it until you’re fixing your hijab. It’s the most demeaning behavior.” ...
More hedjab-tugging tales as the fake god's followers mock themselves and their ridiculous religion at International Business Times

# It's never been reported - but there's lots of tales about it happening.