Thursday, 3 August 2017

[USA / Alabama / Maccaphobia / Pigotry] Furious Family of Followers of the Fake God and False Prophet Accuses McDonald’s of Fear of its Evil Porkophobic Religion

Furious Muslim Family Accuses McDonald’s of Islamophobia
A Muslim family, visiting from New York, stopped at a McDonald’s. They ordered 14 sandwiches. To their shock and horror, they claim to have discovered bits of bacon on each of the sandwiches. ...
More on the shocked and horrified followers of the fake god at World Religion News

# Oddly, people not wanting to eat meats sacrificed to the fake god, or halal certified products, are also accused of 'islamophobia', 'bigotry' and 'racism' by the fake god's followers, who see halal as the norm


Alabama Muslim Customer Finds Bacon Pieces in 14 McDonald's Chicken Sandwiches

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