Thursday, 27 July 2017

[USA / Submission: Combating fear of the fake god's evil, terror-casting religion by manipulating search results on terms associated with the fake god's blasphemous religion] US followers of the fake god welcome changes to Google results

# Now it is 'misleading information' about the fake god's evil religion - not Trump or 9/11 and similar terror-castings - leading to the uptick in attacks that show fear of the evil religion ... perhaps it will be search results that cause muslims to misunderstand their religion and cast terror - or invent fake 'hate crimes' such as tugged hedjabs by drunken Trump supporters.

US Muslim groups welcome changes to Google results

By Michael Hernandez
... Combatting Islamophobia

One leading activist in favor of Google modifying its results told Anadolu Agency he noticed the updated search results and thanked the company for its efforts but said “much still needs to be done”.

Imam Omar Suleiman, who has been at the forefront of efforts to combat misleading information about his faith on the web, argued that Google and companies like it have a responsibility to combat “hate-filled Islamophobia” similar to how they work to suppress extremist propaganda from groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Suleiman said Google should differentiate between “criticism of Islam and hate-filled Islamophobia”, emphasizing the religion should not be infringed upon. ...
More tripe and trademark SCAIRmongering by the false god's supporters and ardent defenders at Anadolu Agency