Friday, 7 July 2017

[Islamophonia: Fake news about the fake god's blasphemous, terror-casting religion and 'strong waves of Islamophobia' following its succession of mass-Kuffarcides] Attack after Attack, a Scared Europe: What now? (Carry on as usual - deflect attention from the fake god to its 'islamophobic' intended victims and babble about muslim intersectional experiences)

Attack after Attack, a Scared Europe: What now?

by Mary Thieffry • June 17, 2017
... On top of that, European Muslims experience Islamophobia through blatant racism as well as disguised xenophobia. One cannot deny the racialization of the issue, where people of colour, Muslims, and their intersections experience intense segregation. It is the duty of us all to make a conscious effort to educate ourselves about such experiences. ...
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