Wednesday, 5 July 2017

[Dogophobia / Day of the Jakim / Malaisia: Jakim debunks the myth of Malaysian muslim moderation yet again - by denouncing a woman and her pet dog - an affront to the fake god's dogophobic religion] Malaysian department dedicated to the fake god's religion says keeping dogs against religion's droppings

Malaysian Islamic department says keeping dogs against religion's teachings
... In a posting on his Facebook page on Wednesday (July 5), Jakim director-general Othman Mustapha said intentionally touching dogs was "highly disturbing" and went against Islamic teachings. ...
More disturbing intentional touching of dogs - which the fake god might equate with touching Kuffar - at The Straits Times

Answering Islam:

... The Qur'an has a wide range of imagery and insults for those who refuse to believe in Islam. They are likened to cattle (camels, cows, sheep), a goat-herd, dogs, asses, etc. (cf. Surah 25:44, 2:171, 7:175-177, 62:5) ...
Raymond Ibrahim:

Islamic Teaching: Non-Muslims Equal to Dogs
... Few know, however, that among some of Islam’s respected hadith collections, the blood of a non-Muslim is no better than the blood of a dog. ...