Saturday, 24 June 2017

[USA / Sign calling allah's blasphemous, Kuffarcidal religion a 'death cult' in the wake of its numerous and ongoing terror-castings sparks concern - the verses in the blasphemous book calling for death to 'unbelievers' not so much, apparently] Sign Saying 'Islam Is A Death Cult' Sparks Concern in Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Sign Saying 'Islam Is A Death Cult' SparkIslam Is A Death Culs Concern (sic)

by Alice Salles
... Local news sources said the anti-Islam sign reading “Islam is A Death Cult” was first reported to the police sometime last week. ...
More on the sign describing the fake god's blasphemous, terror-casting religion - with the associated 'offense' and SCAIRmongering about fear of the fake god's evil religion - at Carbonated.TV