Monday, 12 June 2017

[USA / Fake News: Columbia Museum of Art promotes the fairy stories about islam being the most misunderstood religion that was hijacked and had its image tarnished - by those who killed on behalf of the fake god and its fake prophet] Columbia museum event opens 'dialogue' about fake god's evil, antichrist religion

Columbia museum event opens dialogue about Islamic religion

By Teddy Kulmala
June 11, 2017
... Aydin said the mention of Islam or Muslims in the United States often connotes imagery of terrorism or radicalism. “Terrorists hijacked the identity of the Muslims,” he said. “They hijacked the identity of Islam.” ...
More fantasy about the fake god and its fake religion - with bonus deflection to the KKK - at The State

# Odd that the muslims whose identity was 'hijacked' spend so much time and effort obsessing over 'islamophobia' whenever anyone suggests or supports measures to limit the damage done by the 'hijackers' of islam - bombings, hijackings, beheadings, shootings, stabbings and the like - instead of supporting the efforts to defeat the 'hijackers' of islam.