Wednesday, 28 June 2017

[Once-great Britain: Yet another tale about fear of the fake god's blasphemous, terror-casting religion - portraying its unfortunate followers as victims (of opposition to islam)] Dear Amber Rudd: Here are 10 ways you can give the fake god's followers the full protection they deny to 'unbelievers' in allah's evil religion

# Tackle 'Islamophobia' by tackling the evil, terror-casting 'god' responsible for the Islamic terror-casting intended to trigger the fear. Time is running out for both the fake god and its unfortunate followers, deceived into denying the deity, son-ship and crucifixion of Jesus Christ - the only name by which we might be saved - for whom and through whom all things are created.

Dear Amber Rudd: Here are 10 ways you can give Muslims the full protection they deserve

Sufyan Ismail
Wednesday 28 June 2017
Here are 10 things you can do which I promise you will dramatically reduce Islamophobia:

1. Record anti-Muslim hate crime properly
2. Deal with legitimate Muslim organisations, not government stooges
3. 'Free and fair' press regulation
4. Protect and educate schools and young children
6. UK counter-terrorism laws and Prevent don't work
7. Focus more on tackling the far-right
9. Understand the potential of British Muslims and congratulate them for their achievements
10. Work off fact, not fiction, or right-wing lobbyists
More points that will do nothing whatsoever to curtail islamic terror-casting and incidents of mass-Kuffarcide such as in Manchester and London - or any resultant fear of allah's evil religion - at Middle East Eye

# Flee from islam. Run for your life!