Sunday, 25 June 2017

[Once-great Britain / Londonistan / Ramavan / Through peace he will destroy many] Followers of the fake god and false prophet share Ramavan meal with police, 'faith leaders' (with faith in whom, or in what?) and Councillors in show of 'peace, harmony and trust' following allah's recent successful terror-castings in Britain and elsewhere

Muslims share Ramadan meal with police, faith leaders and Councillors in show of 'peace, harmony and trust'

... On Saturday the community group invited representatives from the Met Police force, the Mayor and other local faith leaders to join 200 others for the sacred meal.

Imam Khushnood Ahmed said: “Let us pledge to spread love, peace, harmony and mutual trust among us all during this holy month. ...
More dawa and deception during the unholy month when the fake god started revealing its blasphemous, antichrist koran to the false prophet Mohammed (let him be anathema) at Evening Standard