Monday, 29 May 2017

[Terror Australis: islamic terror-casting has nothing to do with islam - much as doctors have nothing to do with medicine] Doctors dismiss allah's phony terror-casting religion’s link to terrorism

Doctors dismiss Islam’s link to terrorism

May 29, 2017
Rebecca Urban
... “The PHAA urges the committee to include a recommendation in its report that disavows the ­notion there is any inherent link between Islam and terror,” the submission says.

“The committee should condemn any politician who refers divisively ... to any ­religious or ethnic group for the purpose of political gain.” ...
More disavowing any inherent link between allah's evil, terror-casting religion and islamic terror-casting at The Australian - where doctors take the micturition, as well as taking temperatures

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The Terrorist Who Did The Attack At Concert Just Came In From Libya and Syria

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