Thursday, 13 April 2017

[USA / Raleigh / Hedjabbery / Kebab Technicians At Work] Muslim Student Association hosts art expo (no depictions of the false prophet Mo)

Muslim Student Association hosts art expo

Carter Pape, Assistant News Editor
... Maria Arfeen, the outreach director for MSA and a senior studying nutrition science, led the planning of the Art Expo and the other Islam Awareness Week events. She said this event was meant to show the diversity of talent within the Muslim community, and in part is meant to fight the stereotype that “all Muslims are either engineers or doctors.” ...
More fighting the carefully cultivated stereotripe that all muslims are engineers or doctors (or kebab technicians) at Technician

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Kebabtekniker / Kebab Technician (Swedish Live Broadcast FAIL, English Subtitles)

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