Wednesday, 12 April 2017

[USA / Marshall University / A week in which to appreciate allah's phony, blasphemous religion, coexist, and be part of the herd in hedjab] Kick Off the bi-annual Islam Appreciation Week

Kick Off the bi-annual Islam Appreciation Week

Karenann Flouhouse, Reporter • April 10, 2017
... On Wednesday, the MSA will join World Fusion Day with Herd in Hijab. Students will be given a chance to try on the head scarves and learn about the religious use of the scarves, as well as receiving Henna. ...
More opportunities to appreciate the blasphemous, antichrist religion at The Parthenon

# Memories:

Behind the Veil: The Herd in hijab

Olivia Zarilla, Reporter • October 3, 2016
... “Because they’re a multicultural sorority, they touch on different cultures and ethnicities and show the good everyone has to offer,” Khader said. “A lot of people think Muslim women are oppressed and don’t realize it’s empowering to wear a hijab.” ...
# A practical example of empowerment of a herd of girls wearing hedjabs:

Saudi Arabia treating girls (KSA) Islam / Muslims

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