Sunday, 2 April 2017

[UK Swamp News / Driving while muslim: Westminster islamic terror-casting triggered an uptick in fear of the phony god's phony religion - according to the Met - but TellMAMA disagreed - must be April 1] Islamophonia up after Westminster attack, say police... but the phony god's followers disagree

Islamophobia up after Westminster attack, say police... but Muslims disagree

31 Mar, 2017
... “We began tracking [Islamophobic activity] straight away and we keep that tracking in progress as we speak today. We saw a slight uplift in what we call ‘Islamophobic incidents’ the day after the event, but small, and far smaller than we have seen in previous events,” DC Craig Mackey told a London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee hearing. ...
More on the apparent lack of success of the Westminster terror-casting in triggering fear of the phony god and its blasphemous religion at RT

# Perhaps this is the April 1 story:

Tense stand-off in London as police separate far-right & anti-fascist protesters (LIVE VIDEO)

1 Apr, 2017
... Under the banner London Under Attack,” the protest is being held Saturday by far-right party Britain First to “protest against radical Islamic terrorism.” The anti-immigration English Defence League (EDL) is also protesting on the streets. ...
In the middle of UAF and EDL marches...

# Nick Henderson