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[Terror Australis / NSW / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Jihad: Not muslim - just 'fixated'] New specialist team to investigate "fixated person" threats.

New specialist team to investigate "fixated person" threats.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
The New South Wales Police Force has announced a new specialist unit to deal with obsessed individuals who threaten to carry out acts of violence.

The “Fixated Persons Investigations Unit” will focus on the detection, intervention and prevention of so-called ‘lone actor’ and ‘fixated person’ threats across the state.

Matters involving individuals who are not considered persons of interest by the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics (CTST) Command will be assessed and referred to the new unit, which will be staffed by NSW detectives and mental health experts.

Upon investigation, the unit will determine whether individuals making threats of grievance-fuelled violence should be arrested and charged with criminal offences or provided with mental health assistance.

The unit will also be responsible for proactively identifying people who may be vulnerable to rapid radicalisation or lone actor-style attacks and disrupting their ability to engage in violence.

“This unit is a unique step forward in modern policing,” Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, said.

“In recent times we’ve dealt with a number of people who aren’t classified as terrorists but are so obsessed about issues, ideals or individuals, they are plotting acts of violence,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“The Fixated Persons Investigations Unit will identify and disrupt those threats.”

The unit will be staffed by 17 detectives and additional support personnel. It will commence operations next Monday (1 May).

“It is about adding another layer of protection for the community and in many cases, protecting the individuals from themselves,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“People so driven by religious, political, ideological or mental health issues that they threaten others is an emerging crime issue for law enforcement across the globe,” he said, “The creation of this unit forms part of the re-engineering process for the NSW Police Force moving forward.”

The Commissioner also intends the new unit to be a resource for parents worried about their children being dangerously influenced.

“The views of a young person, under the wrong influence, could change in a matter of days or weeks,” he said, “We want parents to be able to contact the Fixated Persons Investigations Unit and get some help.”

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant commended the move, saying the new unit will complement existing abilities within the CTST Command to identify and disrupt criminal activity, whilst ensuring the community has an additional avenue for seeking assistance if they hold concerns for a particular individual.

“Fixated Persons investigators will work closely with intelligence officers, the Protection Operations Unit, and the Terrorism Investigations Squad to bring NSW into line with similar structures seen interstate and abroad.

“We know the types of crime our police officers face are complex and ever-changing, therefore it is important our force evolves to ensure it is best placed to respond, both proactively and reactively.”

Minister for Counter Terrorism, David Elliott, welcomed the design of the new unit, which includes a combination of experienced police officers and mental health workers, who will work collaboratively with established Counter Terrorism resources.

“The Fixated Persons Investigation Unit will not only complement the existing work of the force to combat terrorism, but the efforts of the NSW Government to ensure a coordinated and strategic approach to identifying possible terror threats.”
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[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

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