Tuesday, 18 April 2017

[Terror Australis / Great Falling Away / Islamophonia: State-funded moske open days to help 'weed out' fear of allah's phony, antichrist, blasphemous religion] Victorian taxpayer funds to pay for ‘mosque open day’

Victorian taxpayer funds to pay for ‘mosque open day’

April 17, 2017
... The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) said it received funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission for the project “in an attempt to break down misconceptions and help weed out Islamophobia on a national scale”. ...
More 'weeding out' fear of the phony god's phony, blasphemous, antichrist religion at Herald Sun

# Flee from the blasphemous, antichrist religion - before God 'weeds it out'. Run for your life!

Victorian Mosque Open Day 2017

April 5, 2017
... Victorian mosques will open their doors and hearts to the public of all beliefs to strengthen community spirit, build better relationships with neighbours and breakdown misconceptions about Islam.

ndreds of Victorians are expected to head down to their local mosques on Sunday, May 7 2017 as part of Islamic Council of Victoria’s new state initiative Victorian Mosque Open Day – funded by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Victorian Government (Office of Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion) ...
More state-funded dawa on behalf of the phony god and its phony religion at ICV

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Press Release - Victorian Mosque Open Day