Sunday, 30 April 2017

[Islamophonia: Another tale of phony fear of the phony god's phony religion - and Trump's crafty manipulation of the phony fear] Trump, Public Imagination, and ... fear of allah's blasphemous, terror-casting religion

Trump, Public Imagination, and Islamophobia

By Dr Chandra Muzaffar - Apr 29, 2017
... By focussing upon Muslims and equating them as a religious community with terrorism—his use of the phrase, “Islamic radical terrorism” is a case in point—he has brought Islamophobia to a new low. This is reflected in the steep increase in attacks upon hijab-attired Muslim women, in the physical targeting of mosques, and in the venomous vitriol leveled against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in the popular media. ...
More deflecting attention from islam to Trump, with claims that the false prophet Mohammed (let him be anathema) was a prophet, at The Kashmir Monitor