Friday, 21 April 2017

[Groundhog Day: Terror-casting in the name of the phony god and its phony religion cannot be called 'islamic' because that is a Euro-centric view and a biased perspective - Turkey] Unacceptable to associate allah's evil, terror-casting religion with terrorism - İbrahim Kalın

‘Unacceptable to associate Islam with terrorism’

Apr 21 2017
The attempts to portray terrorism as a phenomenon that only involves Muslims throughout the world is a serious problem manifested by a Euro-centric, biased perspective, Turkish presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said Thursday, while he urged Muslims to avoid sectarianism. ...
More blame-shifting from the evil, terror-casting religion to The West at Daily Trust

# Meanwhile, life (and death) for the islamic terror-casters continues unabated ...

Paris police shot on Champs-Elysees; IS group claims attack