Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Canada: Windsor Islamic Council reinforces the myth of the 'rising tide of islamophobia' - explains the attack on two Coptic churches as an attack on 'all religions'

Windsor Islamic Council condemning terrorist attacks in Egypt

# Memories:

Event Seeks To Dispel Myths And Fight Islamophobia

By Adelle Loiselle
April 5, 2017
... MacFarlane says in her work, she has noticed an increase in the levels of fear people have about their Muslim neighbours, especially after a terrorist attack, “and don’t really have any understanding of what lies behind it.” ...
# Banning the phony fear of the phony, blasphemous, terror-casting religion:

Windsor Islamic Association wants support for government ban on Islamophobia

Feb 16, 2017
... The Windsor Islamic Council is supporting an MP's contentious motion calling to condemn Islamophobia and religious discrimination, and to track hate crimes against Muslims.

M-103, which was tabled by MIssissaugua MP Iqra Khalid, was debated in the House of Commons Wednesday with critics arguing the specific reference to Islamophobia could infringe on free speech. ...
# Nothing to do with islam:

Islamic council calls on community to sign petition condemning Islamophobia


Dr. Ingrid Mattson | Canadian Muslims’ Response to Violent Extremism & Islamophobia