Saturday, 29 April 2017

[Austria / Hedjabbery / Submission] Can hijabs for all women help fight ... the phony fear of the phony god and its phony religion ... or are politicians simply submitting to the blasphemous, antichrist religion as part of the lead-in to Armageddon?

Can hijabs for all women help fight Islamophobia?

28 Apr, 2017
Is it fair to ask every woman to wear a headscarf in solidarity with Muslims, or would it add fuel to the fire? Is the hijab only a piece of clothing, or is it a religious right? Where does the balance between freedom and security lie?

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen recently suggested that every woman might have to wear a headscarf in the future in a show of support for Muslim women. ...
More on the lengths that politicians are willing to go in support of the phony god's phony religion and its unfortunate followers at RT

Austrian President: All Women Should Wear Hijabs to Fight Islamophobia

April 28, 2017
Daniel Greenfield
And if the Islamophobia gets really bad, they should convert to Islam. Or be beheaded for their Islamophobia