Thursday, 23 March 2017

[USA / Nashville / Fake News: Another tale about what the phony god of islam's unholy, blasphemous book supposedly says about inclusiveness and diversity] Diversity Brunch aims to build bonds, humanize Muslims (who are already humans - merely followers of a false god and a false prophet)

Diversity Brunch aims to build bonds, humanize Muslims

Ariana Maia Sawyer , USA TODAY NETWORK
March 21, 2017
... Fakhruddin said scriptures in the Quran advocate for inclusiveness and diversity.

"God says that's an education opportunity — to learn about someone outside of your comfort zone," he said. ...
More old kiblahs at The Tennesean

# Learning about someone outside your comfort zone:

[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

# Life in the uncomfy zone - in subjection to the phony god and its phony, antichrist, blasphemous religion:

[9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

# Flee from islam - run for your life! Its jizyah protection racket will be shut down permanently - and its phony god bound in the Lake of Fire

# Better to drink of the water of life freely than to pay protection to the false god:

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost. (Revelation 22:17)