Tuesday, 7 March 2017

[USA / Fresno / Islamoscaria in the Age of Trump] Local leading follower of the false prophet of islam says revised travel ban will fuel ... extremism ... (which is a typical response to any and all attempts to deal with islamic terror-casting which isn't islamic because islam is peace and killing an innocent soul is the same as killing all humanity - blah blah blah)

Local Islamic leader says revised travel ban will fuel extremism

By Dale Yurong
Monday, March 06, 2017
... "This is actually helping the rhetoric of the extremists," he said. "It falls in the propaganda of the extremists."

Ghazvini recently visited Iraq and was concerned with his return - even as a US citizen - but did not face any delays.
More helping the followers of the false prophet who are denounced as 'extremists' instead of 'moderates' at ABC 30

# Denouncing the 'extremists' isn't such a good idea for 'moderate' followers of the false prophet, who are then denounced by other followers of the false prophet:

'I'm being attacked for attacking terrorists': Imam slams Islamic TV network criticising him for warning that radical Muslims want to create a Sharia law state in Australia