Saturday, 4 March 2017

[USA / Castro Valley / Great Falling Away / Beware of False Prophets] Challenging views on Muslims, Islam one meeting at a time (While apparently not having islamic views on the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ challenged while meeting in churches. View-challenging may not be a reciprocal process)

# When Moina is meeting in churches, she might take the opportunity to discuss Jesus Christ, and His deity and crucifixion as essential to salvation and eternal life, thereby dispelling the Koranic assertions that Jesus is not the Son of God (Sura 4:171), and was not crucified (Sura 4:157). Should Moina meet the Son as saviour and lord, she will also meet the Father.

Challenging views on Muslims, Islam one meeting at a time

By Darin Moriki
March 3, 2017
... Shaiq has done just that the past year, mostly on her own, and meets regularly with groups of people in small, casual venues, such as homes, coffee shops and libraries to answer any questions they have about Muslims and Islam. On Sunday, her grassroots initiative, called Meet a Muslim, will make a stop at the Castro Valley Library. ...
More meeting an unfortunate woman who has submitted to a strange god and its false prophet at East Bay Times

# Great Falling Away - Exchanging the Truth for a Lie: stating or implying that the islamic allah is God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and that the false prophet Mohammed is a prophet:

Milpitas: ‘Meet A Muslim’ event breaks down stereotypes

By Aliyah Mohammed
January 12, 2017
... Shaiq — who makes a point of calling out that she is not a scholar, just a lay person trying to answer questions to the best of her knowledge — started things off by going over the five main pillars of Islam, or an Islam 101, which are: the testament of faith (where Muslims attest there is no God, but God and Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger) ...
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