Monday, 6 March 2017

[USA / Age of Trump: More fake news about fake phobias and playing into the hands of assorted followers of the fake god and fake prophet of islam] Trump administration’s 'schizophrenia' about blasphemous antichrist islam

Trump administration’s schizophrenia about Islam

Francis Ghilès
... It is unlikely that a Trump administration can ever be really normalised. An erratic, ill-informed, dishonest and addicted to Twitter commander-in-chief will at one point of another flirt with disaster. Those who in their heart of hearts wish the administration implodes are unlikely to see their dream come true. ...
More phony phobias and and the usual muslim attempts to delink islamic jihad and terror-casting from evil islam at The Arab Weekly - which do better to warn its readers against islam in any and all of its forms, rather than deflect attention to Trump and phony phobias