Friday, 17 March 2017

[USA / Age of Trump / Extreme free-speech-phobia in Wisconsin] University Employee Allegedly Fired For Defending Trump’s Immigration EO

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University Employee Allegedly Fired For Defending Trump’s Immigration EO

Rob Shimshock
Education Reporter
... “She felt Trump was doing the correct thing by keeping terrorists out of the United States. She felt that those immigrants should go back where they came from. She was terminated because of her political speech in support of President Trump.” ...
More on the loss of political freedom and freedom of speech in the USA at The Daily Caller

Employee Allegedly Fired For Defending Trump Offered Job Back

UW-La Crosse backs down after firing employee for supporting Trump policy

By M.D. Kittle / March 16, 2017
... “If political speech is offensive and abusive, when can the citizens of Wisconsin and employees of the University of Wisconsin expect chancellor Gow’s resignation or termination?” Fehr wrote to the regents. “Will the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin protect the average employee’s right to comment on the political email sent out by the leadership of the University of Wisconsin?” ...
More on the 'racist' comments - that had nothing to do with race - at Wisconsin Watchdog

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