Saturday, 25 March 2017

[The backlashophobia following the Westminster islamic terror-casting continues - along with blame-shifting to the media and disenfranchised youths (islam seems to have a franchise on disenfranchised youths)] Defenders of the Fake at moskes linked to Khalid Masood fear anti-islam backlash and say it was nothing to do with islam

Muslims at mosques linked to Khalid Masood fear anti-Islam backlash

Harriet Sherwood and Helen Pidd
Saturday 25 March 2017
... Amid reports that Khalid Masood had worshipped at the mosque in recent years, a member of its management, who declined to give his name, said: “We don’t know anything about this person. If he ever attended, from the name we don’t know him. The images of him aren’t clear enough for us to know if he ever attended the mosque.” ...
... “The problem is disenfranchised youths – they are the ones who can be manipulated. They want a sense of belonging. They feel they don’t belong in the UK even though they were born here. They feel rejected by their country and that they have nowhere to go. It’s not an Islamic thing. It’s about feeling ostracised.” ...
More defending of the fake at The Guardian, no less