Wednesday, 1 March 2017

[Terror Australis / Perth / Great Falling Away: Not much resistance to allah's blasphemous antichrist religion - it's just a vocal minority - nothing to see - no eternal consequences to worry about] Beaconsfield Anglican church welcomes followers of the false prophet as they pray to a strange god, offers land for moske

Beaconsfield Anglican church welcomes Muslim community, offers land for mosque

By Briana Shepherd
... Reverend Humphries said he knew some people would oppose the idea, citing a growing "conservative movement" which had resulted in outcomes like Brexit and Donald Trump's election in the US.

"Everyone who builds a wall or stops the boats is basically trying to halt evolution," he said.

"But the good news is evolution takes no notice of walls or stopping boats or any of that — we're moving towards oneness and it's just a shame that some will cling onto what they've got. ...
More on the Great Falling Away - and evolving in 'oneness' to a false god and its false prophet and antichrist, blasphemous religion - at ABC News