Wednesday, 15 March 2017

[Terror Australis / Hedjabbery / Resisting the phony god's phony religion just a little bit] Hedjabs ban: Bronwyn Bishop urges islamic hedjab ban in Australia

Headscarves ban: Bronwyn Bishop urges Islamic headscarf ban in Australia

March 15, 2017
Emily Ritchie
... “The word discriminate gets banded around a hell of a lot doesn’t it? But sometimes it’s a good thing to be discriminating and it’s a good thing to not tolerate the intolerable,” said Ms Bishop told radio host Ben Fordham. ...
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Bronwyn Bishop fires up over Islamic ‘insult’ to women
... “They can put their hand where they damn well like but in this country, if a hand is put out by a woman, you take it,” she said, adding, “When I hear the Department of Education saying it’s OK for a boy to put his hand on his heart instead of taking a woman’s hand, it’s totally unacceptable because the belief behind that is that a woman is unclean because she menstruates. ...
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