Thursday, 2 March 2017

[Terror Australis / Dining, Dawa and Deception / SBS continues to promote allah's blasphemous antichrist religion] Want to better understand Islam? Follow Shepparton's lead and 'Speed date a Muslim'

Want to better understand Islam? Follow Shepparton's lead and 'Speed date a Muslim'

By Maggie Kelly
2 Mar 2017
... Since inception, these dating events have been a wild success, with requests flowing in to Assafiri from around Australia - and abroad - requesting she bring the speed dating team to their region. But it was the small town of Shepparton that was to be Hana’s first stop beyond Melbourne.

Assafiri tells SBS that she has local mum and member of the Shepparton Ethnic Council, Betul Tuna, to thank for the invitation.

“Betul attended a speed dating event in Brunswick, and stood up halfway through,” remembers Assafiri. ...
More on the wildly successful promotion of the doomed, antichrist religion at SBS

# Betul Tuna: What will end islamophobia? The media and unbiased leadership (in spite of the false god continuing to cast terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' - perhaps it was the Manila Bulletin who beheaded the German tourist, instead of followers of the false prophet

Betul Tuna explains why she is travelling around Australia in a mobile shisha cafe - to fight the perception that she doesn't belong in the country in which she was born.

By Betul Tuna
5 Oct 2016
... I was born a Muslim in Australia and at the age of 16 I questioned my faith because of its representation in the media. Is it the media’s fault why we have islamophobia today? The answer is yes. What will end islamophobia? The media and unbiased leadership.

49 per cent of Australians don’t want Muslim migration as a result of politicians who are supposed to lead, but instead reveal their own preconceptions of Islam, based on their own biases and fears.

Sharia Law is not a concern for Australia, and the reality is that the Muslim population in Australia, which is just over two per cent, is happy with a secular government.

Islamophobia is a greater problem for Australia - more than Muslim migration - and it hurts us Aussies that were born Muslim. We are a part of the communities that we live in, and for anyone to suggest we are not welcome will have a negative impact on our education and employment. ...
More dawa, deception and deflection on behalf of the false god and its false religion at SBS

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