Saturday, 25 March 2017

[Mystery of Iniquity: Beware of false prophets - and the false gods they serve] Envoys of nations under the sway of the phony 'god' of islam discuss online 'blasphemy' against the blasphemous, antichrist religion - as allah continues its doomed attempt to hijack Creation and set itself up as 'lord of the worlds'

Muslim nations’ envoy discuss online blasphemy against Islam

By: PTI | Islamabad | Published:March 24, 2017
... The meeting decided that after response is received from the government of the Islamic countries, the matter then would be taken up at the level of UN besides looking into legal options available to follow-up the matter legally in the courts of the respective countries from where such content was being generated.

Addressing the Ambassadors, the Interior Minister pointed out that distortion of religious beliefs and sacrilege of holy personalities of any religion is intolerable.

He said that no law permits showing disrespect or distortion of any religion. ...
... He said that the Islamic Ummah must strive together to impress upon the international community to shed off Islamophobia.

The Minister said that distortion of any religion is also another form of terrorism that the international community must acknowledge. ...
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# Flee from allah's blasphemous, antichrist religion - run for your life!