Tuesday, 21 March 2017

[EU / Belgium: The phony god casts terror, triggers fear of its phony religion, and gives its whiny followers some more islamophonia to whine about] Rise in 'Islamophobic' incidents seen after successful Brussels islamic terror-castings, 'right groups' say (instead of direction at the phony god and its phony religion)

Rise in Islamophobic incidents seen after Brussels bombs, right groups say

Belgian teenager Ahmed is still reeling from the hostile reception he received from a teacher the first day he attended a new sports school last September.

"If you're going to set off a bomb, warn me because I have a daughter and she needs me," the Moroccan-born 16-year-old recalls the teacher telling him in front of his classmates. ...
More on the polite request being described as 'verbal and physical abuse' in a land struck by an uptick in islamic terror-castings and anti-Kuffar sentiment at Daily Sabah