Thursday, 2 March 2017

[Canada / Toronto: It's important for all communities to combat fear of allah's blasphemous antichrist religion - even as allah gets desperate in its doomed attempt to hijack Creation and install itself as 'lord of the worlds'] Followers of the false prophet speak out on fear of evil islam

Muslims speak out on Islamophobia

by Michael Chachura
March 1, 2017
... Sandra Noe of the Federation of Muslim Women, one of the evening's organizers, offered that it's important for all communities to combat Islamophobia. Too often the question being asked is what Muslims are doing to ensure that such hateful acts will not continue. ...
More on the importance of combating fear of allah's blasphemous terror-casting religion - instead of the lies, blasphemies and terror-castings - at NOW

# More tripe about 'celebrating' fear of allah's evil, Kuffarcidal religion:

Counter-protest denounces demonstrators celebrating Islamophobia at two Toronto mosques

# Forget the obsession with fear of the evil religion and run from it - run for your life!