Tuesday, 7 March 2017

[Canada / Islamophonia: More fake news about the fake god, fake prophet, fake religion and the fake phobia thereof] Conversations on allah's blasphemous, antichrist religion: Talks at University of Winnipeg to spread deception, banish truth about the evil, terror-casting religion

Conversations on Islam: Talks at University of Winnipeg to spread knowledge, banish myths

CBC March 6, 2017
... "Islamophobia is a very particular kind of fear and hostility towards Islam and Muslims that is unfounded," Dickson said. "It's not based on actual beliefs and events, it's based on moreso projected or imagined beliefs that all Muslims hold and a generalized fear and hostility towards [non-Muslims]." ...
More on the phony phobia and the phony religion that openly denies the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, sending its dudded followers on the broad path (sharia?) that leads to destruction, at Yahoo News

# "Enter in by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it (Matthew 7:13)