Saturday, 18 March 2017

Canada / Great Falling Away: Dispelling 'misconceptions' about the phony god's phony religion - instead of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ] Sessions to 'inform' people on the phony god's phony religion continue at Digby church hall - of all places

Sessions to inform people on Islam continue at Digby church hall

Sara Ericsson
March 16, 2017
... “We all share the Old Testament, and Abraham exists in all three religions,” said one person.

“Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet,” said another. ...
More on the all-too-familiar similarities - which imply that Jesus Christ is merely a prophet on the phony god of islam, rather than the Son of God - at Digby County Courier

# Resistance to the phony god's phony, antichrist religion - Pegida Canada:

Protest In DIGBY
... This protest is against the Islamic information sessions the Grace United Church is holding during Lent as well as M103, it is against Sharia Law in Canada and to preserve our rights and freedoms. ...