Tuesday, 21 March 2017

[Canada / Calgary / Cosplay / Someone wrote some graffiti about the phony, blasphemous religion on a playground near a moske and it became news] Anti-islam graffiti appears days before Calgary moske open house for hyphenated neighbors

Anti-Islam graffiti appears days before Calgary mosque open house

By: Elizabeth Cameron
Mon Mar 20 2017

It’s third incident in Calgary within the past year that appears to target Muslims.

“Everyone feels it’s very un-Calgarian,” said Shima Safwat, founder and CEO of One Nation Foundation, which aims to connect Muslims and non-Muslims through events and activities.
More burnt blasphemous books, smashed glass and graffiti at Metro

# Living in submission to the false god:

'To be honest, my heart is broken': Calgary Muslims troubled by Quebec mosque shooting, Trump travel ban