Friday, 17 February 2017

[USA / San Francisco / Submission to a strange, evil 'god'] A ‘Prayformance’ Confronts ... Fear of evil, antichrist islam ..., Claims Common Ground (Or just looks weard)

A ‘Prayformance’ Confronts Islamophobia, Claims Common Ground

By Sarah Burke
February 16, 2017
... At their most recent performance in the Castro, which was part of 100 Days Action, a series of artistic actions in resistance to President Donald Trump’s 100-day plan, Zomorodinia wore a hijab and Bhutto sported a rainbow pin that read “QUEER MUSLIM PROUD.” Passersby looked for a moment, then quickly turned away or scurried past to not interrupt. ...
More 'prayforming' to the false god of islam at KQED