Tuesday, 28 February 2017

[USA / Islamophonia / Fake News] Fear of allah's evil, blasphemous, terror-casting religion is not new but increasingly dangerous (unlike the religion that triggers the fear, which is lauded as a 'religion of peace' that has been hijacked or perverted by misunderstanders)

Islamophobia—Not New but Increasingly Dangerous

Hossein Askari, Contributor
Professor of Business and International Affairs at George Washington University
... If we allow the spread of terrorism to be framed as an inter-faith struggle, we will usher unimaginable global conflict, because Christians and Muslims make up over half the population of our planet. The two faiths have much in common, and must not allow opportunists to divide them and to frame terrorism as a Christian-Muslim struggle. ...
More misunderstanding about the nature of the evil, false god of islam, its blasphemous religion, and the real battle - which is taking place in the heavenly places - at Huffington Post

# Islam - not new, but increasingly dangerous!