Tuesday, 14 February 2017

[USA / Groundhog Day / Islamophonia: Fear of evil islam somehow 'dehumanizes' those who follow the strange, terror-casting 'god' and its false prophet made victorious through terror] Why can't muslims talk about the muslim ban (that doesn't specifically ban muslims)on US TV?

Why can't Muslims talk about the Muslim ban on US TV?

By Khaled A Beydoun
... Participating in the exclusion of Muslim voices feeds into the process of dehumanising Muslims and rendering them incapable of speaking for themselves. It also deepens widely held stereotypes about Muslims as foreign, violent and subversive - tropes that saturate the immigration order enacted by Trump, and those still to come. ...
More on the unfortunate 'dehumanized' followers of the false prophet with their tropes and other baggage at Al Jazeera