Tuesday, 28 February 2017

[USA / Great Falling Away / Age of Trump / Many followers of the false prophet feel that blasphemous, antichrist islam is under attack - and want another opportunity to gull 'non-mulsims' with allah's lies and blasphemies] Want to learn about islam? Visit a moske on March 11 (It might be better to visit a church, if there is one that preaches salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ)

Want to learn about Islam? Visit a mosque on March 11

Shelia Poole
Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
... One reason for the event is to “foster relationships with other faiths. Making decisions without the the right information, can lead to wrong decisions,” said Omar, one of the events organizers. The timing comes as many in Islam feel their faith is under attack by the current administration. ...
More on those who made wrong decisions based on wrong information (allah's lies and blasphemies) at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution