Sunday, 26 February 2017

[USA / Georgetown / Return of the terror tellies] Upcoming Campus Speakers Fuel Anti-muslim Rhetoric (allah and the false prophet should get a chance to promote their blasphemous, antichrist, anti-Kuffar religion during a 'muslim awareness' event of some sort)

Upcoming Campus Speakers Fuel Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
It has been clear through Trump’s campaign rhetoric, his nominations and appointees for Cabinet positions, and his proposed policies like the Muslim ban, that Muslims and those perceived as Muslims are not welcome in this country. White supremacy is rooted in US history and institutions. This coupled with state-sponsored Islamophobia has resulted in a dangerous environment in which attacks against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim are on the rise. ...
... It is emotionally exhausting to wake up every morning and witness Islamophobia—a vicious challenge to my being—spreading like wildfire. ...
... 123 individuals have been killed as a result of American Muslim extremists since 9/11. In that same time span, over 240,000 Americans have been killed as a result of gun violence. Americans are just as likely to be killed by their televisions or their furniture every year. An American is also more likely to be killed by a toddler than a terrorist. Most frighteningly, Americans are more likely to be killed because they are Muslim, than by a Muslim. The fear that is incited is objectively indefensible, unless we’re going to be afraid of furniture and toddlers too. ...
More on the unfortunate follower of the false god and blasphemous religion, living in a world of killer furniture and toddlers, exhausted by seeing fear of an evil terror-casting religion spreading like wildfire, at The Georgetown Voice

# Lies and blasphemies against Jesus Christ - the Son of God - the only name given by which we are to be saved from our sins - seems to be spreading faster than 'islamophobia' at Georgetown University:

Jesus in Islam with Dr Zeki Saritoprak at Georgetown University

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