Saturday, 4 February 2017

[USA / Age of Trump / Doctrines of Demons] Is Trump turning islam into America’s ‘Great Satan’? (Too late - allah beat him to it, claiming to be 'lord of the worlds' ('god of this world') in opposition to Jesus Christ, for whom and through whom all things are created

Is Trump turning Islam into America’s ‘Great Satan’?

Damian Thompson
3 February 2017
... Fear of Islam is now thoroughly entrenched in America: there’s no doubt about that. It preoccupies Evangelical Christians and the much smaller constituency of white nationalists (some of whom used to admire jihadist Islam for its zero tolerance of Jews and gays before morphing into passionate if unconvincing Zionists). ...
More on allah's success in casting terror into the hearts of assorted 'unbelievers' - as part of its doomed attempt to hijack Creation from Jesus Christ - at The Spectator